Checking in with Benny Urban

If you are familiar with the European snowboard scene, then Benny Urban is a man that needs little introduction.

April 22, 2024
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The softly spoken German, hailing from the not so snowy north and now residing in Innsbruck has made a name for himself over the on rails, stairs and ledges. With a signature Vans collection under his belt, and another one on the horizon for this autumn with a movie to go with, we thought it was about time to give Benny a shout. So, without further ado, Herr Urban!

So, Benny, what have you been up to recently?

I've just been finishing up my movie projects that are ongoing with Vans, and then simultaneously hosting an event at Moon Park, which was pretty cool! I guess I can say, quite a success for the first time we're trying to put something together like that. Full DIY vibes. I’ve also been wrapping up a Wasted Talent piece which I am working on with some lovely people.

Tell us, what is the Moon Park?

Well, the Moon park was born from a place of frustration from the ski resorts around the Alps, because they're not really providing what snowboarders are necessarily looking for. So we decided to do a DIY snowboard park. It’s been an ongoing project for the last five years with a tight crew of friends, and the park is ever changing and evolving. This year was the first time we really put an effort in making an end of season event which was tight!

And tell us more about your upcoming Vans film?

My Vans film, if I can say my Vans film - a project that I've got to direct and curate with Vans together as an ongoing project over the past two years with this last season being the second season. We've been filming for it, having fun chasing the snow around the globe. I'm happy with how it’s coming together and looking forward to edit it over summer with a couple of really talented people. So really looking forward to put that out soon – watch this space!


Talk to us a little about your signature Vans ranges?

Firstly, I'm super humbled and super stoked, I got the opportunity to create something together with Vans - it's definitely been a childhood dream of mine to do something like that. It’s so amazing to work with very talented and visionary people in the design department. We were able to put something else that I hope is fresh, something a bit new and different than the regular stuff. And we're in the middle of two years of collections - the first collection is out, and the second one is dropping this fall!

Who inspires you in snowboarding?

Man, there's so many good people out there. I guess it’s one big pool of inspiration that I try and take a little bit of so many different characters and their snowboarding with me on my journey!

What gets me really stoked is just to see the up and comers - groms that remind me of myself when I was young who are just stepping into the scene, putting themselves out there and progressing every day. The main point is that they are having so fun much fun with it, wearing the biggest smile on their faces because they just love snowboarding to death. In terms of other riders, people like Arthur Longo and anyone that represents a different type of snowboarding gets me really hyped, as well as big mountain type snowboarding - that I can't really do that well gets fired up!

And inspiration outside of snowboarding?

Skateboarding. Skateboarding is definitely just still so stuck in my brain. I just can't get it out, I'm not even trying to - it's my first love! So yes, still definitely following skateboarding a lot. Other than that, where to begin. My family, my daughter, music, friends. All that’s around me. It's all just one big pool of inspiration.


And what's next?

Chilling now, it's been a pretty intense season with a lot of a lot of things to balance at the same time, which, which I'm very happy to do – but I need stay calm for a minute. Hope to finish the season strong and then once everything is wrapped up, going to go to the coast and catch some surf with the fam, and then start editing this film we've been talking about this summer!

Final question… is Urban your actual surname?!

It is! It’s my actual surname - It's not an artist's name or anything, that would be so cheesy!