Experience the fusion of athlete-inspired design and all-day wear.

October 11, 2023
  • MTE
  • SURF
  • SNOW

Vans’ UltraRange Exo Hi Gore-Tex MTE-3: The Complete Package of Style, Comfort and Function.

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic lifestyles of athletes, Vans has harnessed their valuable feedback to craft the UltraRange™ Exo Hi Gore-Tex MTE-3. A remarkable addition to the Vans’ MTE franchise, the all-new footwear design seamlessly blends performance and style to support an athlete’s everyday living.

Mindfully designed with an athlete’s daily routines and adventures off the board, the UltraRange™ Exo Hi Gore-Tex MTE-3 showcases three core footwear technology principles: exceptional insulation for warmth, dependable traction for all terrains, and a waterproof construction that defies the unpredictable elements encountered throughout the day.


“I love the added comfort and support from the UltraRange Hi Goretex MTE, so aside from the obvious outdoor use, I'll often wear them to run errands or go on long walks around my place,” Vans snowboarder Jake Kuzyk shared. “Vancouver can be really wet in the winter months so it's perfect to have a piece of footwear you can just throw on and not have to think about for the rest of the day.”

The Vans UltraRange Exo Hi Gore-Tex MTE-3 boasts Gore-Tex’s Duratherm insulation, a lightweight, non-woven insulated fabric for warmth and comfort. It’s exterior, fortified with Gore-tex’s cutting-edge coating, guarantees complete waterproofing while maintaining breathability. A newly revamped cold-weather rubber compound outsole offers steadfast traction in both wet and dry conditions.


The Vans UltraRange Exo Hi Gore-Tex MTE-3 is now available in two distinct colorways. To explore and make a purchase visit Vans retail locations and Vans.eu.