Share your personal style – and celebrate the power of creativity.

June 15, 2023

Vans is celebrating the power of creative individuality with an exclusive Classics in-store experience that gives you the chance to show the world your way – and star in our new campaign.

It’s all you.

Here’s the thing about style – it’s personal.

It’s in the way you skate. The marks you make on paper. How you wear your favourites, like no one else can. That’s what it means to be Off the Wall. And it’s the spirit of Vans Classics – iconic shoes that you make your own.

We’re putting your creativity in the spotlight with an in-store experience that could get your style seen throughout Europe – across our stores, website, social media and newsletters.

Ready for your close up?

Want to seize your chance to star in our new campaign? Come and join the Classics experience. It’s all happening in selected Vans stores now.

Fans have been creating unique looks, showing us what’s Off The Wall in them, and getting it captured by professional photographers.

Experimental. Original. Timeless. We love all the fits we’ve seen so far.

The looks are being featured in our new Classics campaign – and you could be among them. Yep, imagine your individual style – everywhere.

Meet the Knu Skool.

If you’ve not yet tried the Knu Skool, it’s time to step in store and lace up.

We’ve reimagined the classic Old Skool silhouette for a new era. Think ‘90s low-top lines – with oversized energy.

A voluminous tongue and collar. Sturdy suede uppers. Signature rubber waffle soles. A reimagined 3D Sidestripe™. And a pull tab at the heel – for easy on, easy off. It’s all in the mix.

How will you wear your Knu Skool? Style the ultimate skate shoe throwback as part of our Classics in-store experience.

Unleash your self expression. In-store.

Want in? Here’s how to take part, in-store:

Don’t miss your chance to see your style – up in lights. Join the Classics experience at selected Vans stores, on selected dates.

Your personal style. This is Off The Wall.

Head to selected Vans stores to discover the experience – you’ll meet the Knu Skool and other members of the Classics family, up close.

The ‘next up’ dates:
16 & 17 JUNE | 13:00 - 18:00